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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What might I experience during a session?Toward the light

A: Depending on the type of session you have selected, there are a variety of possibilities of what you may experience. Please review the Hypnosis Options page for detailed information regarding each type of session, including:

*Higher Wisdom sessions
*Brian Weiss style PLR sessions
*Carol Bowman style PLR sessions
*Dolores Cannon style QHHT sessions
*Michael Newton style PLR sessions
*Michael Newton style LBL® sessions
*HypnoBirthing® class series


Q: What is the structure of a typical session?

A: Although each session is its own unique experience, most sessions will begin with a discussion about your answers provided on the Client Intake Form as well as going over any questions you may have. Next, you will get nice and comfortable as you are guided through a relaxation exercise. Once you are in a wonderfully relaxed state, we’ll begin to explore the images/messages/sensations/emotions that flow in.  I'll gently help you to navigate and delve into this information so you can get the most out of your experience. And, we will be able to explore the information in a variety of ways… selecting those that are most effective for you as well as those that are most beneficial for the style of session that you are experiencing.  As the session is nearing its conclusion, we'll ask what lessons you are meant to learn from the information presented in the session. We will also ask any questions you may have since you will be in a state that is connected to a higher level of wisdom. Lastly, I'll gently bring you out of the hypnotic state and we'll then discuss the highlights of the session.


Oahu passion flowersQ: Can I take what I learn during a session and use it at home?

A: Similar to guided meditation, you will learn techniques to use on your own, in between our sessions. The primary skills I share during a session are simple meditation methods and relaxation and focus techniques.

I will also share with you guided hypnosis recordings that you may use at home. These recordings are based on the Weiss/Higher Wisdom styles of hypnosis and will guide you into and through a light hypnotic state. With the assistance of the recording (as well as what you learn during our sessions) you can practice guiding yourself through your own experience.

In practicing the skills learned during your sessions, you’ll enjoy the benefits of hypnosis and meditation on your own, as well as deepen the level of your experiences when you return for follow up sessions.


Q: Will I see a past life or experience the spiritual realm during one of our sessions?

A: The chances of seeing a past life and/or accessing the spiritual realm when working with a trained guide are greater than when listening to a recording. That being said, you can have very profound experiences via a recording (as noted above), and there are times when an uneventful session occurs even with the most experienced guide. Each person is different and will see what is best for them at the time of the session. Also, there is much more that you may see (as noted in the Hypnosis Options page) in addition to past life memories and/or the spiritual realm.


Q: Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of experiencing a past life or accessing the spiritual realmduring our sessions?

A: The ability to relax and focus is very beneficial for entering the hypnotic state. As mentioned above, I provide recordings for my clients so they may practice these skills. These recordings walk the client through the focusing/relaxation process so they will have an easier time of going into a deeper state during a session. Practicing meditation is also a straightforward way of strengthening your ability to focus. If needed, we will dedicate time to practicing very simple (and very effective) methods of meditation.


Q: Will my mindset affect my experience during our sessions?

A: If you are nervous about what you might see, or if you place pressure on yourself to have an experience, this may limit what you will see since you may not be as focused as you normally would be. Regarding self-pressure, just come to the sessions with the mindset that what ends up happening is what is supposed to happen and then let go of all expectations. Regarding the nervousness, remind yourself that you will only see what you are ready for. Before I go under, I make a silent request asking to experience anything that will be of benefit to my learning. A calm approach increases your odds of seeing more. If you still feel nervous at the beginning of the session, that is fine, too. We can send out a request that you only experience things that are "mild," and then you can rest assured, knowing that that is what you will be shown to you.


Q: Is there a chance that I might not experience anything during our sessions?

A: It is highly unlikely, but possible, that you will not experience anything (of all the clients I've worked with, this has only happened once). If you do not see/sense/feel anything in the first few minutes of the session (which happens on occasion), we can easily re-approach the session in a variety of ways that will likely open you up to having an experience. The key is remaining flexible and open to whatever does (or does not) arise. And please do not worry if you are doing it "right"... Very often, when a client is having a limited experience, as soon as they stop "trying", the memories/wisdom/information begins to flow in.


Q: How will I know if I'm just making up information/memories?

A: Having been under several times, I can assure you that there is a distinct difference in the way observing a memory feels versus how creating a memory feels. Even if you are using your imagination (which happens less often than you would probably expect), trust that your imagination is bringing that thought/image/feeling to you for a specific reason. Everything that comes to you is there for a reason. Try not to reject anything since all of it is helpful to your learning/healing process.  And, if your imagination begins to take you in a direction that they Universe deems inaccurate, it will correct you and steer you in the most helpful direction.


Buddha at Maui lavender farmQ: What are the benefits of hypnosis?

A: There are a variety of benefits that can occur from hypnosis. Common "side effects" include (but are certainly not limited to):

*Increased calm/relaxation/confidence (as well as stress/anxiety/phobia reduction)

*Physical and emotional healing (including the ability to move forward in positive ways, such as reaching goals, learning to thoroughly forgive/love, etc.)

*Increased mental clarity/focus (including tapping into your creative/playful/joyful/loving nature) and confidence in your decisions

*Connecting lessons from past lives to this life (which significantly moves your learning forward)

*Realizing your direct connection to a higher level of knowledge/consciousness/energy/being and how to make the most of this connection


Q: Can hypnosis help me to lose weight, stop smoking, etc.?

A: While it is not guaranteed to "cure" any specific issue, hypnosis has a history of successfully helping people to heal overall, which will likely include your specific issue(s). I believe such healing can take place due to three primary factors. The first is that when you feel an overall sense of wellbeing, you are less likely to crave something to quell stress/anxiety/etc. The second is that there is a reason you are engaging in an activity that you would rather not engage in. This behavior may have its root in a past lifetime or an unrealized source from this lifetime. When you are under hypnosis, subconscious information is much more likely to come to you and provide you with the answers you need for healing. The third factor is that during hypnosis you can access a higher level of knowledge that will help you understand the reason you are engaging in the undesirable behavior. Tapping into this higher level of knowledge will also allow you to access advice for how to let go of the root source of the unwanted behavior. Each of these three factors is very helpful in its own right. Should you desire, we can actively focus on a specific issue during your sessions and approach it from all three directions. This method will likely result in immediate and lasting effects.


Q: Will our sessions be confidential?

A: Absolutely. I will treat you and the content of your sessions with the utmost respect. What you say and experience in front of me is YOUR information and experience. You may choose to share it with whomever you like, but I will never share details that specifically point to you. I may share generalized information with those who do not know you (and I would never state your name) for the purposes of teaching and helping others.


Q: Will I be "in control" during our sessions?

A: Yes. Even though you will feel relaxed and will be in a hypnotic state, you will always be in control of the session. You will be able to censor what you say out loud to me, you will be able to feel (or not) as much of the emotion as you find beneficial, you will be able to ask/answer questions while you are under, and you will be able to come out of the session if you feel the need (e.g., for a brief bathroom break, which happens on occasion).


Q: Is hypnosis a good fit for everyone?

A: There are some conditions for which hypnosis is not a good fit and should not be utilized by the client. These conditions include (and are not limited to): Schizophrenia, pathological personalities, psychosis (including substance induced), senility, dementia, brain trauma, cognitive deficiencies, epilepsy, narcolepsy, bi-polar, clinical depression, suicidal tendencies, serious heart conditions, extremely high/low blood pressure, elderly/frail, substance abuse, and/or currently taking medications/substances that cause drowsiness. If a client is, in any way, unsure if hypnosis would be a good fit for them, they should consult their medical doctor prior to participating in hypnosis. Also, if pregnant (especially in the first or second trimester), the client should also consult her medical doctor prior to participating in hypnosis.


Q: I do not live near you and would like to schedule a session. Is there a way for us to do so?

A: Yes, since they are very gentle in nature and the client stays in a lighter state of hypnosis, I offer both Higher Wisdom and Weiss PLR sessions via Skype/phone. I recommend having headphones so you can have a "hands-free" experience. Headphones will also allow you to comfortably lie down while having your phone/computer near you during the sessions. Skype/phone sessions are quite enjoyable and relaxing.


Suggested Reading List

Reading chair next to Miracles Happen and Many Lives Many MastersI'd recommend reading any of the Weiss, Cannon, Newton, and Bowman books you are drawn to. Each book provides its own interesting and unique look into hypnosis, past lives, the spiritual realm, and the variety of benefits that can arise from experiencing hypnosis.






Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss is the book that kickstarted my journey.  :)