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Excerpts from Client Sessions

plumeria bullet point Many clients have graciously approved my sharing of special excerpts from their sessions. Because of their generosity, this exciting and informative feature will continue to expand. Please check back regularly to listen to newly added recordings.

While connected with his Soul Self, this client experiences the merging of Soul energy with Source energy. (4 min. 56 sec.)

As this client connects with her late husband’s Soul, we find out the miraculous way they are going to reunite in this life. (6 min. 2 sec.)

This client's Soul Self shares an eye-opening message about staying positive during challenging times. (5 min. 46 sec.)

This 11-year-old client receives a warm message from her Soul Self about connecting spiritually at an early age. (10 min. 31 sec.)

This client felt she could not go under hypnosis, but she began to trust the process and the results were beautiful. (14 min. 37 sec.)