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Newton LBL® Hypnosis

"Part 1" is 4 hours ( $360 )
"Part 2" is 4 hours ( $360 )

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"Part 1" LBL® ("Part 1" and "Part 2" are both required to have a complete LBL® Session)

A Newton style Past Life Regression (PLR) is the gateway to the Life Between Lives® (LBL) process and is the first in a two-step process by which you may experience LBL. PLR is a key part of the LBL process and the journey to the spiritual realm. You will travel back in time via early memories in this life (including a fascinating in utero experience where you first meet your Soul Self) and continue further back in time to your most recent past life. We delve into significant events and relationships within this past life and continue our exploration up until the final day of that life. This is where we "pause" the "Part 1" session as a perfect primer for the "Part 2" session.

"Part 2" LBL® ("Part 1" and "Part 2" are both required to have a complete LBL® Session)

The "Part 2" session resumes on the final day of the most recent past life. When we reconnect with that final day, we use the final moments of that life to seemlessly transition into the spirit realm. Once on "the other side", we begin the deep exploration of your authentic self as well as the profound wisdom of the spiritual realm.

This deep hypnotic process is designed to connect you with your Soul Self/higher wisdom, including an enlightened and more complete understanding of who you really are. This connection to your true self occurs once we enter into the spirit realm, and you get to meet yourself as a soul ... since your hypnosis experience will be through the perception of your Soul Self rather than through your human mind. In addition to getting to know yourself and the Universe more deeply, you will also gain a new understanding of how your soul interacts with others as part of a soul group and/or specialized groups (addressing your soul's talents, educational interests, recreational preferences, etc.). LBL hypnosis also deeply connects you to the wisdom of your spirit guides/teachers, which allows you to draw guidance and information from their extraordinary knowledge. LBL hypnosis has virtually limitless possibilities, including the opportunity to explore why you chose to be you in your current human form, as well as agreements/contracts/relationships made with other souls (prior to this lifetime), and uncovering the origin of habitual behaviors and patterns that you may wish to learn from and release. This deep exploration of your Soul Self can be of tremendous (and lasting) benefit to your everyday experience as a human being.