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Higher Wisdom Hypnosis

3 hours ( $270 )

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Hypnosis Session

A Higher Wisdom session is the least structured of all of the session types and can go in infinite directions depending on what issue(s) we’ll be exploring during the session. The most likely experiences include answers and information derived in a variety of ways … these answers may be very direct or metaphorical in nature.  If they are enigmatic, we will ask clarifying questions to uncover clearer answers.  We will also ask the wisdom within you (your subconscious wisdom) as well as the wisdom that surrounds you (the Universe, spirit guides, etc.) for the best steps to take toward working through an issue.

Higher Wisdom sessions often include self-healing, releasing blocks, improving relationships, allowing abundance, and exploring your life's purpose. Please know that these are just a few of the possibilities of what you may experience… you are very much connected to infinite wisdom during your sessions, thus infinite possibilities await you.